Stu Richel, Actor/Playwright

Linda S. Nelson, Director/Dramaturge

LSNelson Productions, Producer

Now you can bring this personal story of a combat journalist and photographer to your local venue!  Performed by the playwright himself, Stu Richel, Vietnam...through my lens is punctuated by projected video montages created for the New York production by film maker Michael Lee Stever.  This highly praised show can now be brought to your Performing Arts Center, Civic Center, Regional or Community Theatre, University or College!


Sometimes poignant, sometimes lighthearted, always thought provoking, this one-man play is not a tale of guts and glory.  Nor is it a political statement.  It is simply one guy’s journey, recounted with heart and humor.  The odd path by which Stu ended up in Vietnam, what he did over there, and the ways in which that service has colored his life back here in The States.  It is one soldier, sharing his memories, photos and reflections.  


The show has been a hit with young and old alike, and equally appealing to men and women.  Its pathos and balance have touched the anti-war hippie of the 60s, veterans and their families…and all sorts of people in between.  Folks have especially enjoyed the moments in which Stu interacts with the audience; after all, it is that kind of informal, living room conversation.


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Vietnam…through my lens,

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